Zeno  Pathology

Your automated AI analysis pipeline for digital pathology

zeno pathology

What is Zeno Pathology?

Zeno Pathology provides users with a fully automated AI analysis pipeline that performs whole slide image analysis as a background task. It can be integrated into your existing workflow to achieve seamless integration to all relevant clinical / administration systems, therefore enhancing your overall workflow for H&E and IHC analysis.

Zeno Pathology is a flexible system that can be configured with the following modules:

Mitosis counting (H&E)

Lymph node metastasis (nuclei detection) & heatmap of tumour probability (H&E)

TIL detection (H&E – also applicable on kidney, lung and prostate cancer)

Her2 detection (IHC)

Ki-67 detection (IHC)

What is the problem?


An increase in workload, but a decrease in available manpower which can lead to delays in patient diagnosis.


Error prone, labour intensive and observer variability in the analysis of cancerous tissue.

Our solution


Increase in efficiency with a reduced turnaround time.


Increase in speed, and consistency of whole slide image analysis.

Manual analysis

Decrease in time for manual analysis.


Analyse the whole slide with higher accuracy.

How Zeno Pathology works

Using Zeno Pathology will save manual counting/analysis time on whole slide images, because Zeno is able to automatically quantify the results from the whole slide. You are able to analyse your H&E and IHC stained whole slide images faster and spend more time on other tasks.

By using Zeno Pathology, you reduce the observer variability (inter and intra) when analyzing whole slide images. You are able to objectively obtain results that can be used for clinical or research purposes. It will increase the speed, quality and consistency of obtaining your results and creates a solution that can be used to standardize your scoring methods.

Easy to use

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use Zeno Pathology.

Are you ready to add AI into your daily practice and start saving time, increase speed, precision and accuracy of whole slide image analysis?

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